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What we do  

autoPOLIS specialises in understanding the structures and dynamics of the global automotive industry. Our particular strength lies in making sense of the forces for change and of their structural consequences. Our insights are based on our extensive industry experience, objectivity and a rigorous analytical approach, always starting from a market perspective.

The firm has experience across virtually all of the industry’s own sectors and those which support and influence it - with vehicle manufacturers, systems and component suppliers, distributors of vehicles and spare parts, service and repair providers, finance and insurance institutions, equity investors and government and regulatory agencies. We are active throughout the world.

We work in these main areas:

  • Providing  a deep and sometimes counter-intuitive understanding of future trends in the industry
  • Unravelling the structures and functioning of particular sectors within it
  • Helping clients in gaining a deeper understanding of their current and prospective markets
  • Encouraging them to act on these new insights to position themselves more successfully
  • Supporting mergers, acquisitions and disposal

How we do it

Our light and open structure makes us uniquely cost-effective:

  • We use experienced consulting and automotive industry professionals, not inexperienced juniors
  • We call in additional outside expertise for specific assignments, when needed
  • Our overheads are extremely low


We are flexible, unlike many conventional large consulting firms:

  • We carry out major client assignments
  • We can also work on small assignments, or intermittently
  • We give keynote speeches, chair conferences and meetings, and facilitate workshops