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We author significant publications

We have written two major books which focus on the challenges faced by the industry. 
  • The first book was "Driving Over a Cliff ? Business Lessons from the World Automotive Industry", published by Addison-Wesley-Longman in 1994, just after our firm was founded. Its principal theme was that the automotive industry is, like all sectors, subject to a life cycle, but that it has difficulty in recognising the onset of maturity and the need to adapt to it.
  • The second, published by Cambridge University Press in 2005, is "Time for a Model Change - Re-engineering the Global Automotive Industry". This is a comprehensive review of most aspects of the industry, starting from world markets that are both maturing in the developed world and emerging elsewhere, through the environmental and technological challenges to the industry, the poor quality of relationships with both the up-stream and down-stream, to the industry's permanently depressing financial condition. The overall message is that the industry must reform itself, undergoing a Fourth Revolution in structures and relationships, if it is not to drift further into graceless degradation.
We have written policy-oriented reports that have had a significant impact, notably
  • An analysis of the link between sales and service, delivered to the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission in 2001. This critically examined this link and concluded that it was to a large extent kept in place to protect the cross-subsidy by manufacturers and dealers of new vehicle activities from aftermarket profits, which are artificially shielded from competition.
  • A review of the safety implications of using parts not from vehicle manufacturer sources for repairing vehicles after crashes, conducted in partnership with the UK motor insurers' Thatcham research centre and delivered to the Legal Affairs Commission of the European Parliament in 2006.
  • A 2005 report for the Federation of Automotive Product Manufacturers in Australia on the quality of supplier-manufacturer relationships and the prospects for the industry there.
  • With Ethos Consulting of Kuala Lumpur, a new National Automotive Policy for Malaysia in 2006.
We have also written numerous articles about the industry in a variety of publications: