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The automotive industry is the world's largest manufacturing sector. It is complex, heavily politicised and riven with economic contradictions. It is undergoing major change, notably the shift in its centre of mass from the traditional to the emerging markets, led by China. It also faces unprecedented environmental challenges, to which it is not responding as well as it should. Investors, governments and even those running businesses in it often have difficulty making sense of it or of where it should be headed.

autoPOLIS was founded in 1993 to fill a gap in the market: for a consulting firm that truly specialises in the automotive industry, deals with strategic issues, and is more flexible and affordable than the large generalist firms. We work with companies in all key sectors of the business as well as with national governments and international agencies responsible for it, and with financial institutions investing in it. We provide practical insight, impartial comment and objective advice.

"We begin with an understanding" is not an empty slogan. We have worked in and studied this industry for all of our professional lives. In its 20 years of existence, the firm has accumulated what is probably the broadest and deepest set of insights into the structures, workings and prospects of this huge and multi-faceted industry.

We have a public profile disproportionate to our size. Members of the firm have written two major books about the automotive industry. We have had a significant influence in the sphere of the regulation of the industry in Europe. We are frequently invited to chair conferences or to contribute to them. We are regularly interviewed by and cited in the media.